WP7 Biomedical Research Platform for Disease Modelling and Model Personalization

The research community is demanding an integrative and extensible research platform where the different multidisciplinary biomedical imaging and simulation tools are available from a single access point. The use of different research applications as separate components has many disadvantages. Some examples are the need of handling data format conversions and software incompatibilities, and the increase of computational resources consumption. This lack of data and knowledge sharing jeopardizes the creation of personalized models aimed at the design of patient-specific treatments.

This VPH-DARE@IT research platform will integrate the efforts of the rest of the WPs and other open source tools already available that focus on dementia research, providing a single framework where new generation workflows will be created focusing on multiscale patient specific treatment for dementia. The specific objectives of this work package are the following:

  • Develop a workflow-oriented and extensible framework for clinical researchers in dementia
  • Develop a workflow-oriented and extensible framework for VPH modelling researchers in dementia
  • Define interoperability mechanisms for leveraging functionality from other open source frameworks in dementia re-search
  • Define and implement integrative pipelines for data processing in VPH-DARE@IT based on components developed in WP3-WP6
  • Support the interaction and integration of such frameworks with the VPH-share data sharing infrastructure
  • Support data-provision centres in VPH-DARE@IT to federate their databases through the VPH-share infrastructure (WP3, WP5, WP6, WP8)
  • Architectural framework design, interoperability with VPH toolkits and infrastructure
  • Use cases identification and functional specification of processing and modelling workflows
  • Interactive workflow composition and scripting components development
  • Interoperability between VPH-Share infostructure, GIMIAS and NifTk platforms
  • Framework and plug-in development and integration
  • Integration of VPH-DARE@IT database with VPH-Share info structure