Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  

STH  United Kingdom
  Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Glossop Road
Sheffield S10 2JF
Principal Investigator(s):
  Dr. Steven Wood

List of researchers and collaborators involved in the project:

  Dr. Peter Metherall
Dr. Steven Wood
  WP3 Data Access & Disease Biomarkers from Large-scale Population Studies
WP7 Biomedical Research Platform for Disease Modelling and Model Personalization
WP8 Decision Support Platform for Early Differential Diagnosis & Disease Evolution Assessment
WP9 Technology Assessment, Market Analysis and Exploitation
Main competencies:
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust manages the five NHS adult hospitals in Sheffield. It provides around one million appointments and operations a year and offers almost every kind of treatment available through the NHS. The majority of our patients are from Sheffield and the surrounding areas but around five per cent of our patients are from other parts of the country. They come to us for specialist treatments, many of which are offered in only a few NHS trusts in the UK. It is also a major employer of local people. Over 13,500 people work at our hospitals in more than 70 professions and a massive variety of jobs, making us the second largest employer in Sheffield. In 2008/09 our turnover is £735m. We work very closely with the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University to ensure we are at the cutting edge of medical research and development. This helps us to
develop new and specialist services for the benefit of patients from Sheffield and all over the country. 

Contributions to the project 
STH’s contribution to the project will be two fold. First as the technical directors of the VPH-Share project they will be responsible for deploying the data hosting infrastructure for the project, including the necessary tools for the prospective data collection activities. Second they will contribute to the clinical technology evaluation of the software/pipelines produced by the project. This involves both the specifications of the systems and evaluation frameworks and the final clinical testing of the solution in the hospital.