Itä-Suomen yliopisto  

UEF  Finland
  University of Eastern Finland
Institute of Clinical Medicine / Neurology
P.O. Box 1627
FI-70211 Kuopio, Finland
Principal Investigator(s):
  Dr. Hilkka Soininen

List of researchers and collaborators involved in the project:

  Dr. Anette Hall
Dr. Päivi Hartikainen
Dr. Sanna-Kaisa Herukka
Dr. Mikko Hiltunen
Dr. Tuomo Hänninen
Dr. Niina Pitkänen
Dr. Hilkka Soininen
  WP1 Clinical Study Design. Clinical Verification of Models and Platforms
WP4 Genetic, Biochemical and Metabolic Pathways Modelling with Environmental Influence
WP8 Decision Support Platform for Early Differential Diagnosis & Disease Evolution Assessment
Main competencies:
The University of Eastern Finland School of Medicine Institute of Clinical Medicine – Neurology, Alzheimer research centre lead by Prof. Hilkka Soininen has a wide expertise in clinical and population based cohorts, risk factors, neuropsychology, biomarkers, genetics, brain imaging, and clinical trials in AD and mild cognitive impairment. The centre has modern clinical research facilities, laboratories for biomarkers and genetics and also for experimental research. The centre has GCP trained staff for clinical trials. The centre collaborates within national and international consortia such as FINGER, ADDNeuroMed, PREDICTAD, LIPIDIDIET, and GWAS-corsortia. The centre has samples of blood, CSF and DNA collected in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies from over 4000 individuals. About 700 subjects are annually referred to the outpatient service of Kuopio University Hospital
due to memory disorders. 

Contributions to the project
UEF will provide expertise in clinical investigations, neuropsychology, risk factors, biomarker, genetic, imaging studies and trials in memory disorders. UEF will contribute to providing data for previous cohorts such as The Cardiovascular Risk factors, Aging and Incidence