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Principal Investigator(s):
  Dr. Pieter Jelle Visser

List of researchers and collaborators involved in the project:

  Dr. Paulien Aalten
Dr. Frans Verhey
Dr. Pieter Jelle Visser
  WP1 Clinical Study Design. Clinical Verification of Models and Platforms
WP8 Decision Support Platform for Early Differential Diagnosis & Disease Evolution Assessment
Main competencies:
The Alzheimer centre of the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNS) at Maastricht University (UMA) is one of the 3 Dutch expertise centres for translational research on neurodegenerative disorders. It performs research on early diagnosis of dementing disorders using neuropsychological tests and CSF and MRI imaging markers and actively participates in AD treatment trials. It runs a 10-year follow-up of MCI subjects (N>600), has a leading position in national studies on AD biomarkers (Dutch Necklace study, LeARN study), and co-ordinates the EADC validation on prodromal AD criteria study. It has also co-ordinated the FP-5 DESCRIPA on
the development on screening guidelines and clinical criteria for predementia Alzheimer’s disease.

Contributions to the project
In WP 1 UMA will contribute with data from the DESCRIPA stud to develop and validate disease models. In WP8 UMA will contribute to the development of the