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  Oslo University
Box 1072 Blindern
0316 OSLO
Principal Investigator(s):
  Dr. Erlend A. Nagelhus

List of researchers and collaborators involved in the project:

  Dr. Erlend A. Nagelhus
Dr. Stig W. Omholt
Dr. Ole Petter Ottersen
  WP5 Multiscale Biophysical & Biochemical Modeling: Brain Substrate and its Evolution
Main competencies:
The University of Oslo (UIO) is Norway’s largest and oldest institution of higher education. The University of Oslo prides itself in a long tradition of international co-operation. Available technologies include facilities for twophoton laser scan microscopy, electron microscopy, small animal PET, electrophysiology, image processing and computational modelling (www.cmbn.no).

Contributions to the project
UIO will provide experimental data on brain water transport and beta-amyloid clearance at the microscale level in rodent animal models.