Hirslanden Klinik  

HIRS  Switzerland  http://www.hirslanden.ch/
Witellikerstrasse 40
8032 Zurich
Principal Investigator(s):
  Prof. Daniel A. Rüfenacht

List of researchers and collaborators involved in the project:

  Prof. Hans-Jürgen Huppertz
Prof. Daniel A. Rüfenacht
Ms. Ursula Schreiter
Prof. Isabel Wanke
Prof. Anne Zuse
Ms. Laura Morf
Prof. Verena Reichl
Mr. Michael Schmitz
Prof. Reto Stocker
  WP1 Clinical Study Design. Clinical Verification of Models and Platforms
WP2 Novel imaging disease biomarkers & methods for model personalization
WP9 Technology Assessment, Market Analysis and Exploitation
Main competencies:
Partner “Clinic Hirslanden – HIRS” is the main site and part of the largest private hospital group in Switzerland encompassing 14 clinics constituting the Hirslanden Clinics. Hirslanden Clinics are part of Mediclinic International (http://www.mediclinic.com), a group of 76 hospitals. Neuroradiology HIRS, partner of the Swiss Neuro Institute (HIRS/SNI) provides services based on the radiology platform of HIRS, where currently 5 MRI units are available, two each of 3T and 1.5T with an additional open MRI unit, dedicated to diagnostic imaging work on claustrophobic patients. For patients with suspicious brain volume reduction, image post-processing and volumetric assessment is outsourced and performed at the nearby Swiss Epilepsy Centre. Neuropsychology assessment and psychiatric specialty consultation are mainly at, a group of doctors affiliated to HIRS. HIRS is a clinical centre with affiliation to PHC/ETHZ for applied clinical research. HIRS/SNI has a main focus in degenerative neurovascular diseases, development of a comprehensive stroke centre and personalised and predictive medicine for aneurysms. 

Contributions to the project
HIRS will contribute with medical expertise to activities concerning a variety of neurovascular aspects as described in WP1 and 2. Clinical partner HIRS exhibits capabilities to enrol patients and provide patient data of interest to the VPHDARE@IT as described in the DoW. HIRS partners will provide specific expertise in Neuroimaging (Isabel Wanke, MD; Daniel Rüfenacht, MD) for patients that have been evaluated and selected by “Praxis für Psychiatrie Rehalp” (Ursula Schreiter-Gasser, MD; http://www.psychiatrie-praxis.ch). HIRS will perform MRI examinations in collaboration with ETHZ and serve as test bed for MR-elastometry developed by WP2 (Sebastian Kozerke, PhD). Image segmentation and post-processing for volumetric assessment for patients evaluated at HIRS will be performed by Hans-Jürgen Huppertz, MD at Swiss Epilepsy Centre.